Monday, 5 September 2011


Good health is something that many of us take for granted. It is much more than an absence of disease. Good health involves all the organs of the body wor king properly. It also involves feeling both in body and mind.
Personer Health
1.Diet: to some extent, obtaining a balance diet deepends on what you can afford. However , with a little knowledge it should be possible for most people to obtain sufficient proteins, vitamins, salts, and fibre and to avoid excesses of carbohydrate and fats.
2.Personal Hygiene: Simple precautions, such as washing your hand after going to toilet or latrine, and before handling food can greatly reduce the chance of picking up an intestinal diseases. Such habit  will also prevent you from passing disease onto other people.
            Washing your whole body and changing your clothes will help prevent fungus infection and will remove body parasites which might be carrying disease organism.
3.Domestic Hygiene:  Keeping cooking pots, plates, cups, and other utensils clean will cut down the numbers of bacteria on them. Keeping flies out of the house , or at least away from food and utencils,removes one source of contamination.

4.Clean food and water : fruit and vegetables, which are eaten without cooking, should be washed in clean water in case they are contaminated with disease organisms. When cooking food, it is important to heat it to a high enough temperature to kill bacteria and tapeworm cysts . Cooked food should be eaten at once or stored in a cool, fly-proof place.
Unless you have a supply of water which you know is clean and free from bacteria, it is a sensible precaution to boil any water which is to be used for drinking.

5.Avoiding infected water: Unless you know that a pond, lake or river is free from disease bacteria and from the water snails which carry schistosomiasis, you should avoid paddling, bathing or washing in such places.
6.Not smoking:  It now well established that smoking, especially cigarettes, causes bronchitis, emphysema, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and lung cancer. It is clearly sensible not to take up smoking or, if you have started , you you give it up.

7.Excercise and relaxation: Regular vigorous exercise during work or recreation has avery beneficial effect on heath . It seems to maintain the heart and circulatory system in good working order  and also promotes a positive feeling of well-being.