Tuesday, 6 September 2011


          There are number of infectious disease, case by micro-organism, which the reproductive organs. The micro-organism of syphilis and gonorhoea cannot survive outside the body,so these disease are transmitted from person to person only by sexual intercourse. The virus of non-specific urethritis and the fungus  candila may be spread by touching the sex organ of an infected person or by using a contaminated towel.
            Certain sexually transmitted dieases are some times called veneral diseases. The two most important ones are syphilis and gonorrhoea, though in western country at least, a third one called non-specific urethritis occus as frequently as gonorrhoea. More recently, a sexually transmitted virus called genital herps has also become more widespread in western countries. Although outbreaks of this disease cannot be cured and it seems to produce a lifelong infection with periodic outbreak.
            In my next post, I will be talking about the sexually trasmitted diseases above one by one. Moreover if you need an expert advise on good Health and Diseases, please kindly leave your comment on the comment box below and I will reply you with all necessary information you needed. Thanks.